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Summer Essentials for Mother and Child

Summer is great time to enjoy, but let's do it responsibly and take care to protect both mums and kids when out and about! Below is GreenKiddie's Natural Guide.


Sun Lotion
Sun LotionIsn’t it a bit tricky to still have fun in the sun whilst your child’s delicate and sensitive skin is protected? Not for me. I use Organic Babies SPF 25 – either lavender or no scent. We already tried them with my little one and they work just great – no white traces, no strange smell, no sun burns – just the child’s beautiful skin and the secure feeling she’s protected.  This award-winning range of organic sun care for children offers high levels of sun protection without the need for synthetic chemicals. It’s suitable from birth are some of our best selling lines during the summer months due to their suitability for sensitive skin and little ones that are prone to eczema and other skin conditions. 

Organic Babies Sun Lotions are:
• Naturally safe: 84% certified organic ingredients with natural mineral sun filters
• Soothing: Aloe Vera, Calendula and Elderflower to soothe skin and reduce inflammation
• Extremely gentle: Suitable for sensitive or eczema/allergy prone skin.

Obviously avoid exposing your child (and yourself) to the sun between 11am and 4pm. And re-apply, re-apply your favourite organic sun lotion.

Till end of June 2010 you can buy 2 Children’s No Scent SPF25 or Lavender Scented and get a Children’s Aloe Vera Lotion & After Sun free!

Soft Light Fabrics
Look for bright-coloured, light-shadowed cotton or linen clothes. And don’t forget the sun hat, preferably with a water resistant UV-protective fabric.

Boys LinenkidsLinen is non-allergic and has a natural pH balance. This makes it ideal for children's sensitive skin, and it’s especially good for those with skin conditions such as allergies and eczema.  In hot weather, the fabric helps keep kids cool by absorbing moisture and deflecting heat, while in cool weather it retains body heat.

Girls LinenkidsStylish yet comfortable Boys White Linen Summer Outfit is perfect for any occasion. Made from the highest quality softened 100% linen the outfit provides comfort and elegance. White button down linen shirt and white linen pats with the adjustable waist will keep your boy cool even on the hottest summer day. Your boy will look adorable at any time!

This fascinating design of a Summer Linen Dress comes in the natural colour of linen. Its material is 100% of the highest quality of linen. Its very short sleeves are ruffled to look like the wings of a butterfly. It is also lightly puckered at the front and back. Two buttons close it at the back. This freely-flowing little dress is super comfortable and super pretty.

Swim Nappies
Imse Vimse SwimNo one wants to take a time out for diaper change, so invest in some Imse Vimse swim nappies. Thanks to very soft and smooth elastic around the waist and legs, your child can move freely in the water.

ImseVimse swim diapers consist of a layer of soft fabric that is leakproof in case of accidents and a stretchy bathing costume fabric on the outside. Snap fastenings make it easy to pull the diapers on and take them off, even when wet.


Natural First Aid Kit
Arnica 30C homeopathic remedy. It helps reduce bleeding, inflammation and bruising and to promote rapid healing. Use it in the first minutes after insect bites or injuries. Helpful for shock and great stress after injury.
Aloe Vera Gel. Cooling and healing, aloe vera (Aloe vera) soothes the inflammation of sunburn and common kitchen scalds and burns.
Chamomile tea bags. With its delicious distinctive flavor, chamomile makes a tasty tea. Gentle enough for children, chamomile has mild sedative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It promotes relaxation, relieves indigestion and, when applied topically, soothes skin irritations.
Salve. To make your own salve with soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, you will only need 20g beeswax, 50ml calendula oil, 30ml coconut oil, 5 drops lavender essential oil and 5 drops tea tree essential oil. Melt the beeswax in a double sauce pan, add the base oils when cooled to 40’C, and finally add the essential oils and mix. Pour into a glass container and keep it in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. The benefits of the salve are many: insect bites and stings to aid itching, swelling and irritation; it may be rubbed on the feet and chest in the event of a respiratory infection and to help control a cough, it’s useful for some headaches (may be too stimulating for heat-related headaches), it’s excellent for bruises and for topical fungal infections.

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) has many properties: analgesic (soothes nerve pain); anti-spasmodic for muscles topically; headaches, including migraines; insomnia and general relaxation; burns and sunburn; relieves itching and pain from bug bites and stings; and anti-bacterial. Use it diluted in base oil and massage it gently on affected areas, or in a bath to soothe the child, help relaxation and better sleep. 

Have a look at the full Natural First Aid Kit.

LikeaBike for the Park
It’s like-a-bike, yes. I would say it’s like-a-treasure for my little one! LikeaBike Because a LikeaBike has no pedals, it helps your child to learn to ride a bike that does. That's because pedalling distracts them from balancing and steering - the very skills they need to ride independently.

LikeaBike teaches balance and control at a much earlier age than traditional pedal bicycles with training aids. Children acquire a sense of equilibrium as they play and the transition to a conventional bike is easy and natural.

Did you know that LikeaBike can help to develop a child's gross motor skills and learn to ride a bike properly from as young as 18 months? And then… the transition to a conventional bike is easy and natural!



Canvas Bag
When you are out and about with small kids, one bag is never enough! ZPMCanvas bags are great way to fit everything in and because they are reusable, it helps you stay eco-friendly. There is enormous choice out there, but my choice is for the designer 3 in 1 bags from ZPM. No matter where I go, I always carry them with me – 3 fits in one pack, so it’s space saving and comfy. Loved the design, too – have a look at the picture, aren’t they nice and trendy? It goes just perfectly well with my new dark blue summer dress, so it’s like accessory rather than a shopping bag.

Neat and petite, 3BagZ tucks perfectly into a briefcase, handbag or car glove compartment. It is ideal for a small shop on the way to work, when you nip out at lunchtime or a quick supermarket sweep for dinner on the way home. 3BagZ is so compact you can take it with you everywhere!

Lip Balm
The skin on our lips is very sensitive and deserves the best care, especially in summer. The same way we think about our face and body and apply sun blocks, we need to protect lips by applying lip balms with UV filter. I’ve tried Jason’s SPF25 and it works just fine. It protects your most delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as from chapping. It’s all natural, provides the care my lips need in the summer (and winter), and it’s so fresh due to the peppermint oil it contains. It’s also anti aging, anti-oxidant and water resistant. It contains natural ingredients as beeswax, sunflower oil, Shea butter, Aloe Vera extract, Evening Primrose oils and olive oil which protects, soothes and moisturises lips all day. And it’s great for kids, too!


Accessorise! Accessorise! Accessorise!
Use your imagination! Don’t limit yourself to only ready-made accessories from the stores – make your own and show your style!

JanetaGet some plain flour, a pinch of salt, add natural colourants like turmeric or red pepper, and mix all well with a few drops of water. Then form your desired beads, string them on a spit (yes, spit – the same way you’d do your BBQ) and bake them in the oven for 30-40mins on mark 1. You have your handmade all natural beads to use for the very authentic necklace and bracelet set! (Only keep it away from your baby, as she might get jealous and try to eat it!)

Another great idea for “designer” eco-friendly accessories is using old magazines and reusing the paper to make your very special handmade ear-rings, necklace or bracelets! Just like those ones on the image!

Do you like them? EMAIL me for more information if you don’t have time to make your own but you’d like to buy a set and accessorise your day in a very unique and creative way!

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