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How "Green" Is Your Parenting?

Becoming a "greener" parent is great! - You do the best for your child in the most friendly for the environment way. But is you want to know how "green" is your parenting style exactly, and how to improve it, take our quiz and find out.


1. What type of nappies do you use?

a/ Cloth
b/ Biodegradable
c/ Disposable


2. How often do you buy organic products for your child’s food?

a/ Every time
b/ I mix organic products with others
c/ I don’t find it cost effective and I don’t buy organic at all


3. What is your child’s usual menu?

a/ Homemade purees/ food only and lots of organic fruits and vegetables
b/ It’s a mix of homemade and processed food; I sometimes buy ready baby jars for convenience when out-and-about
c/ Ready-to-eat food, store-bought baby jars, canned food and sometimes take-away


4. When buying clothes for your baby or toddler, what is your main ctiteria?

a/ Fabric needs to be soft, preferably organic cotton, hemp or bamboo
b/ Nice look, great colours and soft cotton, so it wouldn’t irritate my child’s skin
c/ I don’t mind the fabric as long as it’s trendy and fashionable.


5. What cosmetics do you use for your child?

a/ I make it myself – it’s easy and nice to mix a few oils to make the perfect massage oil or nappy salve. And my baby loves them!
b/ I try to buy organic baby creams and lotions, but I usually do this for 30-50% of her cosmetics
c/ I buy the most advertised baby and children cosmetics, and wouldn’t mind if they are chemicals-based or if contains perfume. The skin still feels soft and smells so well.


6. How do you clean your baby’s nappy area?

a/ I use organic cotton and warm water
b/ Natural / biodegradable disposable baby wipes
c/ Regular disposable baby wipes

7. What part of your kids’ toys are made of natural materials as wood, and are not electronic or battery-operated?

a/ Pretty much all of them.
b/ Less than a half; she does have some natural toys, but she occasionally gets some battery-operated or electronic ones.
c/ More than a half


8. What do you pack your child’s food  in when out-and-about?

a/ An eco-paper bag
b/ A lunch box
c/ A grocery plastic bag


9. How long did you manage to breastfeed

a/ More than a year
b/ A few months, I needed to stop breastfeeding at some point
c/ Less than 3 months


10. What do you do with the clothing your child has outgrown?

a/ Donate it to charity or give them to friends or relatives with younger children if it’s in good enough condition; if not, I use it to make rags.
b/ Save it for my younger child.
c/ Throw it out.

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Most As: 100% “Green” Mama
You are doing great when it comes to “green” parenting. You know that providing natural care is great for your baby and it’s also good for the environment. You do have very eco-friendly habits. Whether it’s organic and homemade feeding, natural baby cosmetics, “green” furniture for your child’s nursery, or organic clothing, you seem to know a lot about how to do your best for your little one, and be good to our planet. Keep going and spread the word about your “green” parenting choices! Our kiddies and our planet will be grateful for that!


Most Bs: Mama with a Hint of “Green”
You are making some efforts to make your habits eco-friendly when you can, but perhaps you could be doing a little more. You are aware of the positive sides of an eco-friendly and natural parenting, you know some tips like the longer breastfeed the better, and using natural products without the nasty chemicals would do best for your child. But there are some more things to try. Try to avoid waste in any way you can by giving your child’s old clothes to friends who might need them, recycle and reuse for arts and crafts, get second-hand furniture where possible. Also consider choosing organic foods, and make informed choices when it comes to things like nappies and eco-friendly baby wipes. Don’t worry; we all learn though our lives, and becoming a “greener” parent is a skill you could easily master. Just follow your nature instincts… and our “green” tips.


Most Cs: Not So "Green" Mama (But You Could Do Better)
Don’t panic now, but it’s probably a good idea to think about how your choice with regards to food, clothes, nursery, diapers, and toys make difference to your child and to our planet. Because it does have a great impact, actually. Did you know that non-organic food contains pesticides which may harm you little one’s health? Or that processed food contains so many additives and preservatives, that some of them may cause an allergic reaction to your child or even asthma? Did you have an idea how many chemicals contain a simple baby lotion and baby wash, and that 80% of what we put on our skin is being absorbed from our bodies? Well… if you really want the best start in live for your precious one, you’d better change your parenting style a bit and give it a hint of “green”, don’t you agree? It’s never too late to become a “greener” planet. You don’t have to change your lifestyle completely, but you could try using some of our “green” parenting tips and gradually become “greener” parent.