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Baby’s skin is so sensitive!

Even the touch of their clothes and diapers, if not proper or using lotions and creams full of chemicals, may cause severe skin irritation, or even allergy reaction and eczema. The best thing you can do as a parent it to provide the best possible care for your baby’s skin. “Green”, organic, natural products is a great option, and not necessary an expensive one. So, let’s talk about...


The happily living in a womb baby is now born, naked, so natural and innocent, surrounded by the nice touch of the air only. And then… here it comes – one of the very first things her skin touches, is the nappy… Read more

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Slings – like a hug from the mother
Slings are the very natural way to carry your baby. They are one of the most brilliant things ever invented. Green modern mother would go for them, as benefits are… Read more


Green Clothing
The main rule here is gentle to skin, friendly to earth. It’s simple if you follow the tips below. Buy non-allergenic organic clothes for your little bunny. That way you can be 100 per cent sure there will be no... Read more


Soaps, washing and bathing
It’s quite possible that fighting the germs using antibacterial powders, soaps, lotions, liquids and even baby wipes is actually making things worse. Studies have shown that children ... Read more


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