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Massage for Babies and Toddlers

Your baby responds to touch from the moment he’s been born. By giving a massage to your baby and toddler she will benefit from stronger immune system, better blood circulation and body tonus, reducing stress level, calming and soothing, better sleep, muscles straitening, toxins release, less colic, and better digestive system. But a nice and gentle massage has also emotional benefits – it is an excellent way to continue the bonding process, and to express your love and care.

How to give a massage to your kid

You could start massaging parts of the body only, like back, chests, or feet, gradually increasing the massage time until you make a full body massage. If you have stopped massaging your child for a while for any reason, you can always renew the massage, but do it slowly again and start with partial massage initially.
Your partner can also give your kid a massage, so he could benefit from straightening the emotional bond between him and the child while experiencing the pleasure and relaxing atmosphere... Read more

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