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Play Dough

Is there a child on the Earth who doesn’t like play dough? For years and years it’s been a favourite toy for many of us, and it’s still enjoyed by many children nowadays! It's fun, it's creative and can be used over and over again. However children like putting things in their mouth and if they play with store-bought play dough, they could end up eating some nasty chemicals. Not very nice, isn’t it? Also buying and replacing a play dough could be costly; don’t forget it has its life span. Making your own play dough is a great alternative and it’s cheaper, more natural, better for your little one and also better for the environment. The homemade recipe of play dough is non-toxic and even if eaten, your child would be perfectly fine! However always stay near your child when playing with it, as the recipe contains salt which is better avoided in the first month and years of your child’s life... Read more

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