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Welcome to our Marketing and Advertising Area!


GreenKiddie is a website for the modern parents, aiming to provide natural care for their babies and small children, and also concern about the environment. Its focus is on the "green" parenting, covering everything from organic feeding to "green" craft activities and eco-holidays.


Promotional opportunities with GreenKiddie

Banner displays
Advertorials and editorials
Featured competition prizes and linked to your website
Sponsorship and partnership


Social Media opportunities to target your audience via GreenKiddie

Product Reviews / Blogger Outreach campaigns
We can develop a blogger outreach campaign and arrange for mums and mums-to-be to test and review your products. We will identify the key inferential mums bloggers related to your business, so the product review gets published on their own blogs as well on

Twitter Party/ Online Discussions
GreenKiddie has hosted a few extremely successful Twitter Parties for some of our clients so far. This is a great way to provoke an online conversation about your brand! It is becoming a preferred and trendy tool used for brand promotion! We identify your target audience, invite consumers to participate on the online conversation on a specific topic, related to your brand, and engage with them, introducing your products. It reaches thousands of consumers in an immersive and engaging way!

Guest Blogging / Blog Carnival
GreenKiddie is hosting the Green Mama Blog Carnival, giving brands an opportunity to be featured in an engaging way via advice-based, entertaining stories or other blog posts. If you want your product to be featured on the Green Mama Blog Carnival, write a post on the topic, announced each month, upload it on your corporate blog and send us the link. GreenKiddie can assist you with the blog post writing/ content creation - please contact us for details.

Virals/ Vlog Products Reviews
We ask key influencers within your target audience to test your products and review them via video – the so called “vlogging”. The vlogs/ videos are uploaded on their blogs, on GreenKiddie and on Social Media channels as YouTube and Facebook for maximum brand exposure.

Creative Facebook and Twitter Competitions
GreenKiddie has planned and executed some very successful Facebook and Twitter competitions, tapping onto GreenKiddie’s existing community and helping you broaden your company’s online fan base. The more fans you get, the better you’ll be spreading-the word for your products every time you tweet or post. We can do it in a very creative and bespoke-created way. (If you still don’t have a Twitter account or a Facebook fan page, we can assist you with this, too – please contact us for details).


Lots of FREE Opportunities

Supply monthly competition prise and get featured on the Competition page - free of charge.

Link to and we will add your logo with a link to your website - free of charge.

Book banner ad for 6 months and get first month free. Book banner ad for 12 months and get first 3 months free!

Please download full Media Pack here or email us to discuss ad-hoc partnership opportunities, and to request special offers and discounts!


GreenKiddie's Audience

25-37-years old trendy mothers and mums-to-be,  interested in natural and eco-friendly baby and toddlers care, purchising organic food and natural/ eco-friendly products for their children and families.

Childcare providers, who are trying to make a difference and help parents with raising their "green" children.

Healthcare professionals, who influence and advise their patients on natural living and care for their babies and children.


What our clients say

"BornFree is delighted to be working in partnership with a great company like GreenKiddie. We have been lucky enough to have our BPA-free products featured in the review section and on their Blog and feel proud that we fit in with the GreenKiddie philosophy that green and natural care is the best for our children.
We look forward to developing our relationship with GreenKiddie and wish them every success in the future."
Anne  Glyne-Thomas, UK Social Network Coordinator, BornFree TM


"We at VUPbaby are very impressed with the article written about "keep your kids healthy with toxic-free baby products" by Nataliya. We thought she addressed the issue spot on and increased the awareness of mums who read her blog. We are very glad that GreenKiddie was launched as it provides very helpful advice on "green and natural care for babies and children" which we believe is important for parents." Laila and Heena, Co-Finders of VUPbaby


"We were excited to be a part of, not only because they are friendly and efficient to work with, but also the value they bring to families. We received many hits from their website to ours and are pleased with our partnership." Claudia Wright, FunToSee


"I found working with GreenKiddie a very positive partnership! We are always happy to support our partners and working with GreenKiddie is always a pleasure!" Chris Holmes, Bentley Organic


Our main sections are

Natural Feeding - Breastfeeding, BPA-free equipment, Organic Weaning and Toddler Feeding

Green Nursery - Green Furniture, Organic Beding, Green Floors and Walls, and eco-friendly toys

Next to Skin - Organic clothes, Slings, Green nappies Options and Wipes

Ask Nature - Natural Remedies for Common Illnesses, and Homeopathy

Green Crafts - From Homemade Play Dough to Making a Recycled Paper

Blog - where we bring new trends and news closer to the audience

Articles, Competitions, Quizes, Free Guides and Samples... and many more interesting and helpful information



Become GreenKiddie's Friend!

Simply add GreenKiddie's logo to your website and we will add yours on GreenKiddie's Friends page, linked to your website for unlimited period of time! Free of charge
Email us to request full Partnership Pack.

To add GreenKiddie's logo to your page, either send us an email to request the logo, or paste this code in the body of your site whetever you would like to place it:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="GreenKiddie" width="160" height="100" hspace="5" vspace="5" border="0" /></a>


If you need to discuss our marketing and advertising opportunities further, or to become our partner, please call us on +44(0)208 576 6170 or email at Download full Media Pack here.


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