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Summer Essentials for Mother and Child

Summer is great time to enjoy, but let's do it responsibly and take care to protect both mums and kids when out and about! Below is GreenKiddie's Natural Guide.


Sun Lotion
Sun LotionIsn’t it a bit tricky to still have fun in the sun whilst your child’s delicate and sensitive skin is protected? Not for me. I use Organic Babies SPF 25 – either lavender or no scent. We already tried them with my little one and they work just great – no white traces, no strange smell, no sun burns – just the child’s beautiful skin and the secure feeling she’s protected.  This award-winning range of organic sun care for children offers high levels of sun protection without the need for synthetic chemicals. It’s suitable from birth are some of our best selling lines during the summer months due to their suitability for sensitive skin and little ones that are prone to eczema and other skin conditions. 

Organic Babies Sun Lotions are:
• Naturally safe: 84% certified organic ingredients with natural mineral sun filters
• Soothing: Aloe Vera, Calendula and Elderflower to soothe skin and reduce inflammation
• Extremely gentle: Suitable for sensitive or eczema/allergy prone skin.

Obviously avoid exposing your child (and yourself) to the sun between 11am and 4pm. And re-apply, re-apply your favourite organic sun lotion.

Till end of June 2010 you can buy 2 Children’s No Scent SPF25 or Lavender Scented and get a Children’s Aloe Vera Lotion & After Sun free!

Soft Light Fabrics
Look for bright-coloured, light-shadowed cotton or linen clothes. And don’t forget the sun hat, preferably with a water resistant UV-protective fabric.

Boys LinenkidsLinen is non-allergic and has a natural pH balance. This makes it ideal for children's sensitive skin, and it’s especially good for those with skin conditions such as allergies and eczema.  In hot weather, the fabric helps keep kids cool by absorbing moisture and deflecting heat, while in cool weather it retains body heat.

Girls LinenkidsStylish yet comfortable Boys White Linen Summer Outfit is perfect for any occasion. Made from the highest quality softened 100% linen the outfit provides comfort and elegance. White button down linen shirt and white linen pats with the adjustable waist will keep your boy cool even on the hottest summer day. Your boy will look adorable at any time!

This fascinating design of a Summer Linen Dress comes in the natural colour of linen. Its material is 100% of the highest quality of linen. Its very short sleeves are ruffled to look like the wings of a butterfly. It is also lightly puckered at the front and back. Two buttons close it at the back. This freely-flowing little dress is super comfortable and super pretty.

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